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Efficiency Smart offers a portfolio of energy efficiency programs and services with a wide range of options and price points from which to choose. Selections range from comprehensive services with energy savings performance guarantees to a la carte choices that focus on delivering savings or other value in specific market sectors.

Efficiency Smart is administered for American Municipal Power (AMP) by VEIC. Since 2011, Efficiency Smart has partnered with more than 60 of AMP’s member utilities in Delaware, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to help their residential and business customers use less energy and save money.

Energy efficiency is the lowest cost option compared to the cost of other new power supply options, has the least risk of any power supply options, and can be a catalyst for a community's economic development. Investing in cost-effective energy efficiency measures greatly assists local businesses in controlling their operating and maintenance costs. In doing so, energy efficiency can play an integral role in a community’s overall business retention efforts.


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Below is a listing of the available programs from Efficiency Smart. Click the link to view a sample page and see details about the program.

For residential customers

For business customers:

If you are interested in discussing Efficiency Smart and the program or combination of programs that can best meet your community's needs, contact Tim Boland, Director of Economic Development and Efficiency Smart for AMP, at 614-540-0933 or [email protected]