About Us

We help participating communities and their residential and business customers use less energy and save money through technical assistance and financial incentives.  We offer multiple program options, which include advanced technical support and financial incentives, to help municipalities, businesses, and individuals reduce energy and save money now and into the future.

Efficiency Smart is administered for American Municipal Power (AMP) by VEIC. Our operations are based in Columbus, Ohio. Since 2011, we have served more than 60 of AMP's member utilities in Delaware, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Efficiency Smart Quick Facts

Has all savings data independently evaluated, measured, and verified
Has energy savings guarantee for comprehensive program participants
Since 2011, has achieved an average energy saving claim realization rate of 97%
Has helped communities that have participated since 2011 reduce their retail sales load by an average of 5.5%
Has provided an average of $4.10 in benefits for every dollar spent
Has saved the equivalent to the annual electric use of approximately 22,850 homes by the end of 2017
Has supported customers with consultative services and financial incentives for more than 751,000 energy-efficiency measures by the end of 2017, resulting in more than $17 million in annual customer savings