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Annual Reports

The 2022 Annual Report highlights that the appetite for energy efficiency is strong among participating communities, with annual megawatt-hours and kilowatts savings nearly doubling from the past two years combined.

The 2021 annual report highlights how Efficiency Smart increased customer engagement and improved its services to increase savings.

The 2020 annual report highlights how Efficiency Smart adapted its services to help participating communities navigate the COVID 19 pandemic. The report also reflects on Efficiency Smart’s decade of serving AMP communities and pays tribute to the communities who have participated for the past ten years.

The 2019 annual report highlights how Efficiency Smart expanded its traditional megawatt-hour savings program to help communities control increasing transmission costs.

The 2018 annual report reflects on how Efficiency Smart works closely with partnering communities to listen, learn, and improve services to better meet their electric customers’ needs.

The 2017 Efficiency Smart Annual Report highlights how Efficiency Smart can provide expertise and guidance to communities and deliver value to their electric customers.

The 2016 Efficiency Smart Annual Report highlights how Efficiency Smart powers communities on their unique path to energy savings, discusses emerging technology, and provides information on new service offerings from Efficiency Smart.

The 2015 Efficiency Smart Annual Report “The Evolution”, highlights how Efficiency Smart has continued to focus on evolving its services to meet the needs of participating communities, along with evaluating and promoting emerging technologies.

The 2014 Efficiency Smart Annual Report, “Connecting the Pieces of Energy Efficiency”, explores the role Efficiency Smart plays in connecting its participating communities to a network of services that helps them reach their energy efficiency goals.

The 2013 Efficiency Smart Annual Report “The Numbers Are in and the Word is Out” celebrates the collective successes communities that participated in the 2011 to 2013 Efficiency Smart contract achieved.

The 2012 Efficiency Smart Annual Report, “Energizing the Future” explores how Efficiency Smart is energizing the future through innovative programs, advanced technical support and robust financial incentives.

The 2011 Efficiency Smart Annual Report “The Power of Change” invites readers to join us in rethinking the way you consume energy.