Eligibility Requirements

Refrigerators and Freezers:

Refrigerators and freezers must be between 1-30 cubic feet, be in working condition with functional cooling, and empty at the time of pick-up.

Dehumidifiers and Window Air Conditioners:

Dehumidifiers must be at least a 15 pint model to qualify. There are no size requirements for window air conditioners. All units must be in working condition, removed from the wall or window, unplugged, and placed near an outlet so the working condition can be confirmed at the time of pick-up. These can be picked up without a refrigerator or freezer request.

Request an Appliance Pickup

After you submit your request, we will follow up with you regarding available pickup times in your community.

The seasonal Appliance Recycling Rewards program has concluded. Check back this summer for more information on the program.

Why Recycle? 

Efficiency Smart's Appliance Recycling Rewards program ensures that your appliance is properly recycled, helping to prevent hazardous material from entering a landfill. Properly recycling old units also permanently removes them from the electric grid, helping to reduce demand in your community. 

Visit the ENERGY STAR® Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator to see how much money your appliance costs to operate.