March 12, 2024

As winter makes its exit, it’s almost time to put away those heavy coats and bring out the lighter jackets.

If you're gearing up for spring cleaning, here are some tips to refresh your living space while also saving energy and money:

  • Change your filters: The change in seasons serves as a great reminder to swap out your furnace filter. A dirty filter makes your system work harder, wasting energy. If you use an air purifier, it’s also a good time to check and potentially replace this filter as well.
  • Maintain HVAC equipment: Scheduling an annual inspection and maintenance for your HVAC system is an important step to keep it running as efficiently as possible. Especially after your system worked hard to keep you comfortable in the winter.
  • Be smart about electronics: Some electronics continue to draw power even when “off.” If you’re no longer using items like heated blankets, now is a good time to unplug and store them away. Then, consider using smart power strips for electronics you use year-round. Smart power strips can detect when items are in standby mode and cut off power when not in use, saving you energy.
  • Check Your Ceiling Fans: Include ceiling fans in your spring-cleaning routine. After dusting and cleaning, adjust them to run counterclockwise. This will let you turn the thermostat up a few degrees during the warmer months while staying comfortable.

Learn more about how to use ceiling fans year-round to save energy

  • Look outside: Extend your spring cleaning to the exterior of your home. Inspect and clear accessible vents, such as those for your clothes dryer, from any blockages or accumulated dust, webs, leaves, and lint.
  • Clean out your fridge: Cleaning out those questionable leftovers in your fridge? Use this time to check if the seals around the door are airtight and replace them if not. If you have an older model, you can also consider cleaning the condenser coils. Finally, ensure that you leave a few inches between the wall and the refrigerator to allow for airflow.
  • Swap out old appliances: If it’s time to replace an appliance in your home, look for energy-efficient models. Check out our Home Energy Rebates page for a list of models that will also qualify for money back on the purchase price.