January 20, 2020

The Town of Middletown, in partnership with the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC), is excited to introduce Efficiency Smart, an energy efficiency program for Town of Middletown Electric Department customers.  DEMEC’s energy efficiency program, Efficiency Smart, offers rebates and several services designed to help residents and businesses reduce energy use.

Middletown is expected to save approximately 1,845 megawatt-hours (MWh) of energy over the course of the three-year contract period. This is roughly equivalent to the annual electric usage of 228 homes.

The residential services available through the program include a comprehensive set of initiatives that promote sustainable efficient product use and increase energy efficiency in homes. This includes discounts on energy-efficient lighting and rebates for energy-efficient appliances and products. 

By taking advantage of these options, residents can reduce their energy consumption and save on their electric bills. For example, a resident who:

  • Replaces 10 of his or her most frequently used incandescent light bulbs with LEDs could save approximately $100 dollars in annual electric costs
  • Plugs appliances and electronics into an advanced powerstrip could save up to $100 in annual electric costs
  • Manages his or her electric usage with an advanced thermostat could save approximately $70 in annual electric costs

Business customers also have many ways to save energy and money.

Small to midsized companies that use up to 500,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy annually can receive rebates for implementing common energy efficiency measures through Efficiency Smart’s Business Energy Rebates (BER) program. Example projects include lighting, compressed air, food service equipment, and HVAC.

Businesses that use more than 500,000 kWh of electricity annually have access to tailored services with dedicated account management, customized financial incentives and technical assistance through Efficiency Smart’s Custom program.

Many companies that have completed projects with Efficiency Smart have realized significant reductions in their energy consumption, often between five to 20 percent of their total energy use. These energy reductions have translated to cost savings for companies. Small business projects completed through Efficiency Smart to date have averaged more than $1,600 in annual energy cost savings while larger business projects have averaged more than $9,300 annually.

“It’s always smart to look at the use of electricity in our homes and businesses,” said Middletown Mayor Kenneth L. Branner, Jr. “Individuals making small changes can add up to a big reduction in demand on our system. Working collectively as a town, this will be a win for all of our pocketbooks and for the environment.”

“We are excited for the opportunity to partner with the Town of Middletown in collaboration with DEMEC,” said Sean Clement, Director of Operations for Efficiency Smart. “The town has shown a commitment to energy efficiency, which is a very cost-effective way for communities to reduce their customers’ electric bills, reduce power supply costs, and contribute to local economic development. We look forward to working together with the town to ensure a successful partnership.”

For more information about Efficiency Smart services available to the Town of Middletown through DEMEC’s energy efficiency program, visit www.efficiencysmart.org/middletown-delaware, or call Efficiency Smart at 877-889-3777.