April 12, 2024

As warmer temperatures arrive, so can increased energy use. However, there are many steps you can take to save energy while still maintaining comfort in your home.

Here are ten tips you can use to save energy and money during the warmer months of the year:

Seal air leaks and gaps — Caulking and adding weather stripping prevents hot air from entering your home and conditioned air from leaking out.

Use a fan when you can — Using fans allows you to raise your thermostat about four degrees without reducing your comfort level. Just make sure to turn the fan off when you leave the room. Learn more about saving energy with ceiling fans.

Cook outside — Grilling outside versus using your oven can keep extra heat out of your home.

Take advantage of natural light — Switching off artificial lights and opening blinds and shades to let natural light brighten your home during mild spring days is an easy way to save on lighting costs.

Light your home efficiently — Replacing incandescent lightbulbs you use for more than three hours a day with LEDs can save you $15 annually per bulb.

Minimize phantom energy — Unplugging electronic devices and appliances when not in use, or using power strips to easily turn them off completely is an easy way to save energy.

Service your air conditioning system — Having a professional perform routine maintenance can keep your system functioning efficiently.

Replace dirty filters — Replacing a dirty furnace filter keeps your system running as efficiently as possible.

Set the thermostat —Programming your thermostat to a higher temperature when you are away from home on warm days can help reduce your cooling costs.

Switch to ENERGY STAR appliances —Selecting ENERGY STAR certified models when it’s time to upgrade your home appliances will help you save money on your electric bill. You can save even more with Efficiency Smart’s Home Energy Rebates.

Looking for more ways to save? Contact our customer support team at 877-889-3777 or [email protected] for more information on available energy-saving programs and additional tips customized to your home.