April 15, 2022

April 22 is Earth Day, and taking steps that will help you save energy is a great way to celebrate. Efficiency Smart offers the following earth-friendly tips to help you reduce your energy use during warmer months.

  • Seal air leaks and gaps — Caulking and adding weather stripping prevents conditioned air from leaking out.
  • Use a fan when you can — Using fans allows you to raise your thermostat about four degrees without reducing your comfort level.
  • Grill outdoors — Cooking outside avoids trapping extra heat in your kitchen and reduces the need for your air conditioner to run.
  • Use window blinds and coverings — Keeping your blinds and curtains closed during the day helps keep the heat out.
  • Take advantage of cool summer nights — Opening your windows at night can let your house cool down while giving your air conditioner a break.
  • Light your home efficiently — Replacing lightbulbs you use for more than three hours a day with LEDs can save you $15 annually per bulb.
  • Turn electronics off — Turning off lights, televisions, and other electronics when leaving a room is an easy way to save energy.
  • Service your air conditioning system — Having a professional perform routine maintenance can keep your system functioning efficiently.
  • Replace dirty filters — Replacing a dirty furnace filter keeps your system running as efficiently as possible.  
  • Wash clothes in cold water —Washing clothes in cold water can save you up to $60 annually while keeping your clothes just as clean. 

Efficiency Smart offers business and residential energy efficiency services to customers of participating municipal electric systems. More information about the services and financial incentives available through Efficiency Smart can be found at www.efficiencysmart.org or by calling 877-889-3777.