March 31, 2021

The City of Wapakoneta launched a new partnership with Efficiency Smart for energy efficiency services for residents and businesses in February. Now, that partnership has reached its first milestone.  

TADD Investments, LTD, a financial and real estate services company, became the first Wapakoneta business to work with Efficiency Smart on energy efficiency improvements. The company replaced metal halide lights with LEDs throughout its offices. Due to the LEDs using much less energy, the company is expected to save $1,400 annually, and more than $20,000 over the lifetime of the new lights.

Efficiency Smart provided technical assistance and verified potential savings for TADD Investments. In addition, they provided a financial incentive to make the upgrades more affordable. These resources were available due to the Wapakoneta’s partnership with Efficiency Smart, which is designed to save electric customers money through energy efficiency.

Andy Haag, owner of TADD investments, had been considering upgrading to LEDs in his office building and was one of the first businesses to contact Efficiency Smart when he heard that the services were available.

“Efficiency Smart helped answer our questions and gave us the confidence we needed to move forward with our project,” Said Haag. “The partnership came at the perfect time for us, and the additional resources made it an easy decision to upgrade our lights.”

Due to the positive experience, Andy is now considering working with Efficiency Smart on additional properties he owns in Wapakoneta.

Efficiency Smart offers several services and financial incentives designed to help Wapakoneta residents and businesses reduce their electric use and save money. For more information about available services, visit or call 877-889-3777.