June 14, 2024

The sun is beaming, the grill is sizzling, and baseball season is revving up.

Summer is finally here, and with it comes increased electric usage. Be prepared for the warmer weather with these 10 energy-saving tips that will help you stay cool and save energy and money at home.

Suns Out, Plugs Out. Turning off lights, televisions, and other electronics when leaving a room is an easy step to save energy. Want to save more? Go the extra mile and unplug appliances you don’t use often. You can also use a smart power strip that will automatically turn off power to items not in use.

Out with the Old.  Upgrading an old appliance to a more energy-efficient model saves energy and money. Check out our Home Energy Rebates page to learn how to get cash back on the purchase of a qualifying model.

Get an HVAC Check-Up. Having a professional perform routine maintenance on your air conditioner keeps it functioning efficiently.

Plan in Advance. Programming your thermostat to higher temperatures when you are away reduces air conditioning costs.

Block the Sun. Closing window shades and drapes in the summer reduces extra heat in your home.

Switch to LEDs. Replacing frequently used lightbulbs with LEDs can save you $15 annually per bulb.

Save Cool Air. Caulking and adding weather stripping prevents conditioned air from leaking out of your home.

Be a Fan of Fans.  Using fans allows you to raise the thermostat about four degrees without reducing your comfort. Just remember to turn the fan off when you leave the room! Watch this quick video to make sure your fan is set in the correct direction during warmer temperatures.

Replace Dirty Filters. Replacing a dirty furnace filter keeps your system running as efficiently as possible.

Avoid the Oven. Grilling outside during hot days keeps warm air outside of your home.


We are here to help you find ways to save energy in any season. Try our free Electric Bill Advice program for personalized tips to keep your home comfortable while saving energy year-round!