Village of Georgetown, Ohio | Georgetown Public Utilities


The Village of Georgetown partners with Efficiency Smart to help its residents and businesses save energy and money. From advice on products or projects to rebates and discounts on energy improvements, Efficiency Smart can help you from start to finish.

Ready to start saving? Select from the available services below to get started.

For Your Home

Product Rebates

Get money back when you buy efficient appliances and products for your home.

Online Product Store

Get discounts on efficient lightbulbs and products.

For Your Business

Business Energy Rebates

Receive rebates for common energy efficiency projects. Small and midsized business customers with annual electric usage of less than 500,000 kWh (or less than approximately $50,000 in annual electric costs) qualify.


Get financial incentives, expert technical assistance, and personalized consultative services. Large businesses that use more than 500,000 kWh of energy annually (or more than approximately $50,000 in annual electric costs) across all locations qualify.

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