Safe Site Visits

Efficiency Smart is taking steps to respond to the coronavirus outbreak and minimize disruptions to our services. We have adapted programs typically delivered in-person to be delivered remotely when possible.

What to expect

Programs, trainings, site walkthroughs, verifications and inspections will continue via video conference or other technology. However, as businesses start to reopen, we anticipate the need for some in-person site visits with our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions as we go back into the field

Q: Are you performing on-site visits?

A: Site walkthroughs, verifications and inspections are continuing via video conference or other technology. However, we anticipate there may be a need for some in-person site visits with our customers, and we will be conducting these when needed.

We are monitoring and basing our decision on information from public health officials and may change this procedure with limited advanced noticed based on updated guidance.

Q: Will pre- and post-inspections still be conducted?

A: Whenever possible we are trying to conduct business virtually. If we determine we must visit the site, we have developed protocols in line with recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Q: What precautions will you be taking in preparation for an on-site visit?

A: Prior to coming on site, Efficiency Smart staff will sanitize our hands. Our staff will also wear a face mask at all times and use nitrile gloves if needed. Please be advised that while we are on site, we cannot shake hands and will maintain 6 feet of distance from others. All “leave-behind” information will be provided electronically and we will use DocuSign for any required signatures. We will also be recording the names of anyone we are in contact with on site, to support contact tracing if needed. For more information about how to prepare for a site visit, please see the Protocol for Safe On-site Visits (PDF).

Q: Where can I find health and safety guidelines?

A: We advise that you follow the health and safety guidelines set forth by the CDC. Other helpful resources include the U.S. Dept. of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines on preparing workplaces for COVID-19 as well as state- and industry-specific guidelines.

Q: Will Efficiency Smart employees working remotely create any delays in processing incentive payments?

A: We have access to all our systems while working remotely, so we do not foresee any delays.

Q: Who can we contact if we have pressing questions on a specific project?

A: Please reach out to your account manager. You can also call our customer support team at 877-889-3777 and a team member can direct your call.

Need help?

Do you have a question about onsite visits or our health and safety protocols? Contact Us at (877) 889-3777 or [email protected]