September 25, 2019

Efficiency Smart has launched the Electric Bill Advice program to help Jackson Center Municipal Electric System residential electric customers learn more about their electric use and the steps they can take to reduce it.

Jackson Center customers can contact Efficiency Smart to discuss their electric use and learn what can cause high electric bills. Efficiency Smart will ask a series of questions to learn more about the electric use in their homes. Customers will then receive customized energy-saving recommendations based on their responses, many of which can be no to low-cost to implement.

To get started, customers can call Efficiency Smart at 877-889-3777 or visit and select “Electric Bill Advice.”

“The more electricity you consume, the higher your electric bills will be,” said Jamie Abrusci, Program Manager for Efficiency Smart. “The Electric Bill Advice program is designed to help residents identify what may be leading to higher than expected electric bills and learn what they can do to decrease their energy use and save money.”

Visit for more information on additional services available for Jackson Center Municipal Electric System customers.