July 1, 2019

Efficiency Smart is making recycling an appliance even more rewarding for Galion Electric Division customers. Through September 30, Efficiency Smart is increasing the incentive for recycling a working refrigerator or freezer to $60.

Eligible customers who schedule a free pick-up of their working refrigerator or freezer by September 30 will receive the increased amount for responsibly recycling a unit. In addition to the $60, customers can also save up to $150 annually by not running an old, inefficient refrigerator or freezer.

To schedule a free pick-up, visit www.efficiencysmart.org/galion-ohio and select “Appliance Recycling,” or call 844-260-3487. More information on appliance recycling and additional services available for Galion Electric Division customers can also be found on Efficiency Smart’s website.