Efficient product Rebates

Making Energy-efficient

Improvments to your home?

We offer cash back so you can save more!
Energy-efficient products lower your bills by reducing your electric use. With Efficiency Smart product rebates, you can save even more.

Eligibility Requirements

Get money back from Efficiency Smart on your purchase of qualified energy-efficient products. These rebate offers are good while funds are available and may be subject to change without prior notice. All rebate requests must be postmarked or emailed within three months of purchase date and no later than January 7 of the following year. The product must be installed at an address served by a participating electric system. 

The following energy-efficient rebate item limits apply per product category per year for each utility account:

•             Advanced Power Strips – 5 per year

•             Clothes Washer – 1 per year

•             Clothes Dryer – 1 per year

•             Refrigerators – 2 per year

•             Dehumidifiers – 5 per year

•             Ceiling Fans – 5 per year

•             Pool Pumps – 1 per year

•             Heat Pump Water Heaters – 1 per year

•             Furnace Fans with ECM – 1 per year


If you require additional rebates beyond the product limits listed above, please contact customer support at 877-889-3777 before purchasing. 

You can submit your rebate request through our online form or print the general products rebate form and submit it through the mail.

More Ways to Save

You can also save with instant discounts on Advanced Power Strips and energy-efficient lighting products through Efficiency Smart’s online store. Click here to see all available options.  Advanced Power Strips purchased through the online store are not eligible for additional rebates offered by Efficiency Smart.

Visit the resources section of our website for even more energy and money savings tips.
$10 - $15 On Select Advanced Power Strips
Qualified Advanced Power Strips
Turn off power to appliances and equipment that are plugged into them when they are in standby mode.
$50 On select clothes washers
Qualified clothes washers
Use about 25% less energy
and 40% less water
$50 On select clothes dryers
Qualified clothes dryers

Use 20% less energy
than conventional

$50 On select ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators
Certified refrigerators
Can save up to $150 over
the life of the refrigerator.
$20 on select ENERGY STAR certified Dehumidifiers
Certified Dehumidifiers
Remove the same amount of
moisture but use 15% less energy.
$15 ON select
Ceiling Fans
with lights
Qualified Ceiling fans with lights:
Save more than
$15 per year on
utility bills
Qualified Residential Pool Pumps
Get $175 back on
Variable-Speed Pool Pumps

Get $50 back on
Two-Speed Pool Pumps
$250 on select ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heaters
Certified heat pump water heaters
Can cost half as much to operate as traditional electric water heaters.

An average family of four can save more than $3,500 over the lifetime of the unit.
$100 on select furnace fans with Electronically Commutated Motors
Qualified furnace fans with ECM:
Use less energy, maintain more consistent temperatures,
and are typically quieter than
traditional furnace fans